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Support Trans United today to build leadership and collective impact in our movement. Trans United is a 501(c)3 organization that partners with visionary transgender leaders and organizations to build the collective capacity of the trans community and to improve the lives of transgender people, our families, and our allies.

We combine strategic planning, organizational development, and technical assistance to support these efforts at the local, state, and national level. We have three primary areas of programmatic work: Annual Cohort Partnerships, Community-Wide Resources, and Individual Leadership Support.

Your support will help us build the capacity and impact of our partner organizations, all led by trans women of color.

We have seven partnerships with local, state, and/or national transgender-focused organizations. We work closely with each partner to develop and implement strategic plans, bring in new support, and convene together with our other partners to build and deepen community and understanding across leaders.

Your support will help us develop community resources to strengthen the work of all organizations.

Through our intensive work with our partners, we’re developing tools and best practices to serve the broader community. We’ll release publications on the insights we’ve gained to be used freely by other advocates and organizations.

Your support will help us create community amongst trans-focused organizations and activists.

With your donations, we’ll build the Trans Empowerment Network. It’s a simple, accessible, online tool for trans leaders to connect directly with one another, share best practices and build and deepen relationships.

Your support will help us care for our movement leaders living at the intersections of multiple oppressions.  

Few communities are more hyper-marginalized than the trans community. Many trans people live at the intersections of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, negative health disparities, poverty and more. Some of the most active and effective leaders are themselves quite literally living on the edge. To meet our community’s needs, we need to not only serve each other organizationally, but take care of and show up for one another.

Help us help others like Karli, a trans woman in Texas, who we connected to safe housing after she left an abusive relationship. Like Achim, a young black trans man in DC, who we helped to develop his personal story into a powerful tool to raise significant funds so he could help other young trans men living with HIV/AIDS. Your support will empower us as we develop programs and methods to care for and support our leaders who are most in need.

Thank you for your critical support to help us build leadership and collective impact in the trans community, and support our most marginalized community members who give their all every day to make a difference. Donate today and make this the most powerful Give OUT Day yet.

WATCH: Meet My Child
Trans United produced this video to share the powerful message of three moms' love and acceptance for their trans children. Our moms are speaking out against violence targeting our community and politicians who abuse us for their political gain.

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