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Give OUT Day 2017:



Southerners On New Ground

$37,563.00 contributions
888 donors

Raised: $37563Remaining: $0

Thank You! Together in less than 24 hours we raised over $30,000 for the National Black Mama's Bail Out Action! You helped us secure FIRST PLACE on the Give Out Day Leaderboards to bring home an additional $10,000 to free Black mama's. While Give Out Day is over we are STILL fundraising to get as many Black mama's and caregivers out as we can for Mother's Day week. You can continue to contribute to SONG's bail fund at
Sam P donated $5.00
Ben D donated $50.00
Athena T donated $10.00
Yashna P donated $25.00
Marta J donated $25.00
Uday A donated $100.00

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forever song!


Thank you!


"Excessive bail shall not be required" - Seventh Amendment.


For the moms