Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


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Oasis Legal Services

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Please support Oasis Legal Services on GiveOUT Day by donating $10 on, or scheduled for, April 18th!  Our goal is to raise as many individual $10 donations as possible.

GiveOUT Day is one day only- April 18th!

For this campaign, matching funds may be awarded to Oasis based on how many individual pledges we get on April 18th.  So, we'll have a better chance of earning bonus pledge money if we can get 10 people to donate $10 vs one person who donates $100.  
Have $100 to donate?  Donate $10 in the name of 10 different friends or relatives!  
Can you only think of 5 different friends or relatives? Donate $20 in each of their names!  

Let's not only raise the most money, but let's show people what we can accomplish together by having the highest number of donors!

Oasis Legal Services helps LGBTQ+ immigrants who have suffered horrific violence in their home countries to obtain asylum in the United States.

Getting asylum changes lives.

With asylum, LGBTQ+ refugees can:
* Live and work safely in the United States
* Access psychological and support services
* Feel safe to come out as LGBTQ+
* Be safe from deportation to a place where they could be beaten or killed for their sexual orientation or gender identity

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I goofed up and contributed on April 17th, so here I am again today.....