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Believe Out Loud empowers LGBTQIA Christians and allies to advance justice for all LGBTQIA people by sharing stories, cultivating dialogue, and inspiring action!

Donate today to help us continue to proclaim the good news of God’s expansive love—on a new website!!

What We Believe
We believe that each of us is made in God’s image—beautiful and beloved, unique and whole. We work for the day when all LGBTQIA people are treated with dignity and respect in our families, churches and communities.

What We Do
Believe Out Loud elevates the people and places where Christianity and LGBTQIA justice intersect.

Share Stories
Across our digital platforms, Believe Out Loud shares personal stories and testimonies of faith from LGBTQIA people and learnings from members of our community whose stories aren’t told enough.
We’ve published original writing from over 400 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual Christians and allies on our website!

We use the power of storytelling to demonstrate the human impact of some of the most important issues of our time, connect local shifts to national trends and face the realities that are intense, challenging, or complex. Believe Out Loud is here to proclaim this message loud and clear!

Cultivate Dialogue
We cultivate dialogue around critical issues facing LGBTQIA Christians and allies while deepening the discourse around social justice—on our digital platforms and at local events.

Many people know our digital networks as places they can go to find affirmation, be challenged, and connect with others who share their identities and values!

"I appreciate Believe Out Loud's stamina, their faith, their diversity of voices, their "out-loud"ness, their "upbeat"ness, and their constant devotion to God and to Hir people. We have few Christian groups fighting for us, as LGBTQ believers, and it's wonderful to see this one so strong! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
- Jerome Stueart


Inspire Action
We inspire our network of LGBTQIA Christians and allies to answer God's call to do right and seek justice and put their faith in action!

We engage our network in digital campaigns to increase the visibility and power of LGBTQIA Christians and allies who believe all people should have access to spiritual community and public life!

In North Carolina, we're a founding member of the Faith Forward Coalition, which is mobilizing people of faith across the state to take action to support LGBTQIA people. Next month, we're hosting Uniting for Our Future, a summit to empower affirming faith communities and our allies with radical organizing tools to reclaim a just and inclusive North Carolina.


Thank you for making our work possible!

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