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Give OUT Day 2017:



Believe Out Loud


Raised: $566Remaining: $34


Donate today to grow our network of LGBTQIA Christians and allies
boldly proclaiming that all people are worthy of God’s love!

In the face of constant efforts to squeeze people who are different out of public space, it is critical to remain grounded in the deep faith that all people—including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual people—are worthy of God’s love.

Believe Out Loud is here to proclaim this message loud and clear!

We are all worthy of God’s love, and we do not deserve to be pushed out of spiritual community or out of public life!

It is our spiritual call to put flesh on Christian values and Believe Out Loud!

Across our platforms, Believe Out Loud holds space for personal stories and testimonies of faith from LGBTQIA people, elevating and learning from members of our community whose stories aren’t told enough.

Believe Out Loud explains the impacts of some of the most important issues of our time, connects local shifts to national trends and doesn’t shy away from the realities that are intense, challenging, or complex.

We encourage one another through discouraging moments, and we also celebrate our community’s progress and joy.

Donate today to help us continue to proclaim the good news of God’s expansive love!

Thank you for donating to support our work! 


Andrea H donated $25.00
Matthia M donated $16.00
Virginia G donated $25.00
mary ann m donated $55.00
Jennifer H donated $20.00
by Anonymous donated $40.00

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in memory of Heather Adels


My father is gay, and tried really hard not to be for a most of his life. He was married to my mom for 30 years, and both were so unhappy. I


I support transgender spirituality


Because we are God's beloved and God's love is for all.