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API Equality-LA

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Sometimes, I feel too "gay" to be Filipino; sometimes, I feel too "Filipino" to be gay. 

Many API queer and trans folx are stuck in a no man's land, where they are simultaneously alienated from both our cultural roots and the larger U.S. American (white) LGBTQ+ community. The Trump administration's xenophobic rhetoric - one that constantly dehumanizes and criminalizes people of color and LGBTQ+ folx - further exacerbates their already marginalized situation. 

I have found a rare community in API Equality LA - a community that not only empowers me as an individual, but queer/trans API folx in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Through advocating for policy change at the macro level and cultural change at the micro level, API Equality LA helps queer/trans API folx feel safer in their communities. Please consider donating to our Give Out Day fundraiser in order to further empower queer/trans API communities. 

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