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API Equality-LA

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Support the growth of young API LGBTQ leaders!

API Equality-LA is an LGBTQ rights and racial justice organization that builds grassroots community power to organize for change in the API community that was founded in 2005.

The coalition has united both veteran and green activists who represent ethnic, linguistic, age, professional, queer, and gender diversity in the Asian and Pacific Islander American communities.  Over 50 organizations and numerous community leaders have endorsed API Equality-LA.  Every year, our dedicated volunteers have personal conversations with thousands of community members, participate in parades and protests, reach out to ethnic media, and organize educational events on a broad array of social justice issues of importance to API LGBTQ people.
This coalition empowers volunteers of all Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities by valuing our diverse perspectives. API Equality-LA has proven that the fight for Asian Pacific Islander American and Queer visibility is alive and well, and that it will not be erased by the larger LGBTQ movement. The coalition also spotlights the need for intersectional solidarity in the fight for queer racial justice. We are currently focused on trans justice, an issue that has only gained importance in light of increased legislative discrimination. API Equality-LA nurtures leaders by providing us the opportunity to use our skills to positively impact its overall mission, offers community support to LGBTQ API folx, and advocates for API LGBTQ & TGNC policy at the federal and state levels.

[[Above is a group photo from our Queer and Trans API Election Debrief and Safety Training on November 16, 2016]]

I am a second-generation Chinese-Taiwanese, genderqueer, androgynous, and pansexual American from northern California. I have been actively involved with the coalition ever since I moved to LA in 2013! I started out as an active volunteer, then was the community-organizing intern in 2014, and am now an active member that sits on the Steering Committee in addition to five volunteer-run committees: the Committee for Outreach, Recruitment, and Education (CORE), the Fundraising Committee, Pioneers Committee, Legal/Policy Committee, and Queer and Asian Space. API Equality-LA is incredibly close to my heart, not just because of the work the coalition does for the community, but because of the everlasting support we provide each other. The coalition has not only deepened my understanding of my own identity as a Queer East Asian person, but has also nurtured my leadership skills and impressed me with the breadth of our work. In API Equality-LA, I have found community and my queer chosen family.


[[The last of the volunteer and organizing team at our 11th anniversary on October 9, 2016! Clockwise: Thomas Hom, Jan Ocampo, myself, Andy Su (our then Community Organizer), and Velinda Liao!]]

My contributions since last year's GiveOut Day on August 2nd, 2016

Outreach, completing donor asks, co-creation of centerpieces and decorations with Jan Ocampo, and volunteer co-coordination with Andy Su for our 11th Anniversary Celebration: Leading Change on October 9th, 2016

Completing 16 phonebank shifts and a total of 1,313 calls advocating for California State Propositions 55 and 57 on behalf of API Equality-LA in Asian Americans Advancing Justice "Your Vote Matters" Democracy Project on October-November 7th, 2016

Participated in API Equality-LA's Activist Academy, a 3-part workshop on tactics for grassroots activism and community mobilization on February 11th, 18th, and 25th of 2017

Created and facilitated a workshop with Claudia Chen on becoming an ally for trans and gender non-conforming youth ("Embracing Ourselves and Embracing Others") at the San Gabriel Valley Youth Summit on March 18th, 2017

Coordinating fundraisers for this year's GiveOut Day!
Your donation will be used to fund our future interns and support the coalition! Thank you!

Total N donated $15.00

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