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API Equality-LA is an LGBTQ rights and racial justice organization building grassroots community power and organizing for change in the greater Los Angeles area. We work to empower API LGBTQ leaders to create the community change they want and need. Much of our work is driven by dedicated members and volunteers; thus, we are truly a community-driven and run organization!

Everyday, we hear stories about queer and trans APIs who feel isolated and rejected by their families, by their communities, and by society. API Equality-LA provides a space for queer and trans APIs to be celebrated for their full selves and feel like a part of a community that loves and accepts them.

API Equality-LA is working hard to address mental health issues that API LGBTQ people face!

  • Our communities face high rates of mental health issues that go unaddressed due to stigma, lack of resources, and lack of cultural competency.
  • The stigma of mental health is compounded by cultural differences in understandings of mental health and fear of rejection or discrimination for one’s LGBTQ identity.
  • With so few resources out there that can adequately address these complex experiences, mental health problems among API LGBTQ people are unaddressed, ignored, or exacerbated. 
  • API Equality-LA’s Transforming Community Care Campaign challenges all these factors, and advocates for holistic health and wellness for API LGBTQ communities.


All of this work is only possible by empowering our volunteers and community members. API Equality-LA believes that transformative change happens at the grassroots level, when people can work together to advocate for what they need and believe in. Together, we can challenge systems like cisheteropatriarchy, racism, and class inequity to help build a world where liberation for all is possible.
We need your help!  We are challenging you to help us raise $20,000 from 300 donors by April 18 at 9PM PST/12AM EST. Your donation will help us keep API LGBTQ community spaces and movements alive and thriving!
How can you help? Consider giving to support the following:
$13: Give $1 for very year API Equality-LA has existed
$50: The number of volunteer leaders API Equality-LA trains annually
$100: The number of hours API Equality-LA members volunteer monthly
$500: The number of conversations volunteers will have during a typical weekend outreach event
Take part in this beautiful, intergenerational API LGBTQ community effort! Give $13, $50, or $100 today!

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Happy birthday Tracy :) thanks for making API Equality so welcoming.


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